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Fuzzy Seed


 Fuzzy Seed is the cottonseed after the textile lint has been removed in the cotton gin. Most of the Fuzzy Seed produced each season is sent to oil mills. The oil mill extracts the oil and produces other products for use in many industries. 
The BEST seeds should be selected to be used as planting seed for the next season's  cotton crop. Seed selection with Fuzzy Seed is difficult at best.
The residual lint on Fuzzy Seed tangles and inhibits flow. This limits the cleaning and grading techniques that are possible.  Residual lint makes thorough cleaning, conditioning and treating impossible.  High planting rates are required because Fuzzy Seed does not readily flow through modern equipment.    

Delinted Seed


 The Acid Delinting process removes the residual lint  leaving each seed smooth and compatible with not only the Cleaning and Conditioning equipment but it also flows easily through modern planting machines. 
Once the residual Fuzz is removed, sticks, foreign particles and trash can easily be separated from the seed stock. Further separation is then made according to density which eliminates the immature seeds. Only good seed receives further treatment.

Planting Seed


 These seeds have a significantly higher  germination rate than untreated seed. Only the good seeds make it to the treating process. Custom regional application of the appropriate insecticides, fungicides and herbicides increase survivability to produce the strong, vibrant plants that are most desirable. Planting Seed like this will flow easily through modern planting machines and result in accurate, precise placement as well as reduced planting rates.